Midsummer Feast

Good morning, and Welcome to my personal little hell.

I’ve decided to give this a shot and hope this will turn out to be something both you and me can enoy, even though it might take while before I get a good hang of it. But until then, so are you free to check out the novels I share, and which I’ll try to update regularly. Even if I can’t promise I’ll be able to update all those time I want, as the Work and Life might get in the way. But I’ll do as good as I can =^,^=

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About Me

God morning, I’m a swedish fool (read hobby author) who enjoy writing. So it’s what I’m doing. And all is during my breaks and sparetime. Yesh, I do prioritise my work before writing and only sees the writing as an enjoyable hobby. BUT, because of that so have I made the decision to keep the writing free for all to read. And wishes you to enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying the writing. =^,^=


The links below are my novels, this far =^,^=